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Join 150,000+ students, teachers and professionals using AI to generate Quizzes from PDFs!

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Educators worldwide love PDFQuiz

See our testimonials from happy students and professors using PDFQuiz in their studying and teaching process!

    • PDFQuiz has completely changed my day-to-day. I can now convert my teaching notes into tests and exams with one simple click using pdf to quiz. My students are much more engaged. Highly recommend it for creating quizzes from PDFs!

      Sarah J.
      High School Teacher
      pdf to quiz
    • As a college professor, creating assessments used to take up so much of my time. PDFQuiz has made this process effortless. The AI-generated quizzes are accurate and save me hours of work. My students appreciate the immediate feedback they receive too.

      Ethan M.
      University Professor
      pdf quiz
    • This tool has made studying way more fun. These quizzes are interactive and help me understand the material faster. I love how I can test myself with questions directly from PDF class notes.

      Lila N.
      College Student
      pdf to quiz converter
    • It's incredible for online learning. Quizzes are generated in one click from my PDF materials, I don't have to create tests manually anymore. It's a fantastic tool, wish I tried it earlier.

      Amy P.
      Middle School Teacher
      pdf to quiz ai
    • I've been using it for a few weeks, recommended it even to my entire class. Quizzes help retain information better and make study sessions quicker and more productive.

      Avery S.
      High School Student
      convert pdf to quiz
    • This PDF to Quiz tool has helped me many times in my university courses. It quickly generates quizzes from my lecture materials. They are 100% accurate and of a good quality. The questions are smart and interesting. It calculates scores automatically.

      Dr. Fiona A.
      University Professor
pdf to quiz AI generator, maker and online converter pdf quiz

PDF to Quiz

PDF to Quiz generator

Upload your PDF, choose how many questions you want it to have, pick a language and a difficulty level. Switch to GPT-4o for more intelligent questions. Use OCR for scanned documents.

Turn any PDF into a quiz in one click
Automatically make quizzes from PDFs using AI with PDFQuiz
OCR visual scanning
Use the visual recognition function to read documents without any selectable text.
pdf to quiz maker

PDF Quiz maker

Quiz generator from PDF

Generate Quizzes from your PDF in seconds. Use the latest AI GPT models to make intelligent questions checking your knowledge. Prepare for your tests and exams faster.

Prepare for tests and exams
Take the quiz multiple times, until you get 100%
Make studying more fun
Use an interactive MCQ quiz to check your knowledge. See the right answers and improve.
convert pdf to quiz

Quiz from PDF using AI

PDF to Quiz AI Maker

Turn your study or teaching notes into Quizzes. Assess knowledge using AI.

mcq from pdf

Quiz Maker from PDF

Analyze correct answers from PDF Quiz

See and study your mistakes. Retake the quiz and get better.

pdf to quiz converter

AI Online Quiz Maker from PDF files

Quiz Maker from PDF

Creating quizzes from PDFs has become a game-changer in education and training. A quiz maker from PDF tools allows educators to swiftly transform dense documents into engaging assessments. This technology saves hours of manual work, letting teachers focus on what truly matters: student learning and growth.

quiz maker from pdf AI online
  • Online Quiz making using AI One of the most compelling aspects of an AI quiz generator from PDF AI quiz generator from PDF is its versatility. Whether you're dealing with academic texts, training manuals, or industry reports, the quiz generator online adapts to various content types. This flexibility makes it an invaluable tool across different sectors, from schools to corporate training programs.
  • Quiz Generator from PDF The quiz generator free options available today have democratized access to advanced educational technology. Small schools and individual tutors can now create professional-quality assessments without breaking the bank. This accessibility has led to a proliferation of innovative teaching methods and more personalized learning experiences for students worldwide.

While the AI quiz generator is undoubtedly powerful, it's crucial to remember that human oversight remains essential. Educators should review and refine the automatically generated questions to ensure they align with specific learning objectives. By combining AI efficiency with human expertise, we can create truly effective and meaningful assessments that push the boundaries of educational excellence.

AI Online Test Generator & Creator from PDFs

Test Maker from PDF

Test makers from PDF have revolutionized the way educators craft assessments. These tools extract content directly from uploaded documents, transforming static information into dynamic quizzes and exams. Teachers no longer need to manually type out questions, saving precious time and energy. This technological leap allows for rapid creation of comprehensive tests that align perfectly with course materials.

online testmaker for students and teachers using AI
  • Online Testmaker The process of using a test maker from PDF is remarkably straightforward. Educators simply upload their chosen document, and the software parses the text, identifying key concepts and potential question fodder. With a few clicks, instructors can generate a variety of question types, including multiple-choice, true/false, and short answer. This versatility ensures that tests can be tailored to suit different learning objectives and student needs.
  • Test Generator and Creator from PDF One of the most salient advantages of PDF-based test generators is their ability to maintain consistency across assessments. By drawing directly from source materials, these tools help ensure that test questions accurately reflect the content covered in class. This congruence between taught material and assessment questions can lead to more equitable and effective evaluation of student knowledge.

While AI-powered test makers from PDF offer numerous benefits, it's crucial to remember that human oversight remains indispensable. Educators should always review and refine automatically generated questions to ensure they meet specific pedagogical goals. By combining the efficiency of automated test creation with the nuanced understanding of human teachers, these tools can truly enhance the educational experience for both instructors and students alike.

pdf to quiz AI generator, maker and online converter

Online PDF to Quiz AI Tool

#1 Tool to Convert PDF to Quiz

Use our tool to create quizzes from any files. Convert PDF, DOCX, JPG, PNG, PPTX to an interactive online quiz with one click in a few seconds. Whether you are a student, a teacher or a professional, PDFQuiz can help you with the process of creating quizzes.

What are the benefits of an automatic PDF to Quiz Conversion?

Save time
Do not ever waste more time manually coming up with the quiz questions. Let the latest GPT AI models handle that for you. The quality of the test is often better than a human-made assessment.
Improve Testing quality with PDF to Quiz
GPT 4o is often better than humans in assessing knowledge. The AI is intelligent enough to come up with the perfect questions on its own.
Be fair
It's easy to omit important info while making the test on your own. The AI quiz always checks knowledge from the whole document.

Latest AI Quiz Generator

Use AI to make Quizzes from PDFs

Tired of manually creating tests and quizzes? Good news: Today's advanced AI models can do that perfectly for you! Select your PDF documents, upload them to our Quiz maker and done! Enjoy an automatically created quiz. It works like magic!

Upload a PDF

Drag and drop your study/teaching notes in .pdf

Choose parameters

Number of questions, difficulty, language, time, AI model

One click Quiz creation

In just a few seconds AI will generate a ready-to-take Quiz

Analyze score, answers

See your score, analyze wrong and right answers

Generate Quizzes out of PDFs

PDF to Quiz Converter features

Latest GPT-4o AI
Use the latest and greatest AI model currently available
Invite to Multiple-Choice Questions
Invite your students, colleagues or friends to take the generated quiz. See their scores.
Edit Questions
Need a final manual touch? Edit/Add/Remove any question from the AI generated quiz.

PDF from Text is Perfect for Learning and Teaching

Our quizzes make the learning and teaching process way more engaging. See how much more you can learn while taking an interactive Quiz from PDF study notes.



Make an A/B/C/D online quiz without any thinking. Multiple choice questions have been proven multiple times to be the most effective way to assess knowledge in a fair way.

Assess others

Invite users to take your quiz

PDFQuiz is perfect for university professors and teachers. With one click you can generate an individual invite link and share it with your students. Each one of them will have the ability to take the quiz. You'll see their answers and scores in your dashboard. See how much more satisfied they are thanks to this interactive form. Prevent cheating with Timed Quiz feature, where there's a limited time for each question.

Professional use

HR and Management

Are you a recruiter? Use PDF to Quiz and generate a skill test for your candidates. Upload a unique PDF with knowledge that cannot be found on the internet. Set a timer and be sure that the candidate won't be looking for answers on the web.

Are you a Compliance Manager? Upload documents from your company knowledge base and generate quiz quizzes for your employees. Verify their current knowledge and skills. Be sure that everybody in the company knows procedures.

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